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Upcoming Web Event on

Darren Alff of wrote to let our readers know about an upcoming Web-based event going on at their site. Here’s a little bit about it from the site:

The event, titled, “Bicycle Travel As A Modern Lifestyle Choice,� will take place on the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd and will feature a jam-packed schedule of articles, interviews, videos, and live Q&A sessions having to do with bicycle travel, commuting, and lifestyle design. The event is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to use a bicycle to change the way they live, work and travel.

Event participants include:
– The Adventure Cycling Association
– Author, Joe Kurmaskie (The Metal Cowboy)
– Bike Friday
– Canadian Best Selling Author, Ted Schredd (The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head)
– CycleAware
– Entrepreneur, Yaro Starak
– Gene Bisbee
– Momentum Magazine
– Road ID
– Writer and World traveler, Chris Guillebeau

The goal of the event is to introduce people to bicycle travel (whether it be short trips around their home… or long distance tours across the country). The information will be totally free and open to anyone… anywhere! All that’s needed to participate is an Internet connection.

As a bonus, cycling products donated by the Adventure Cycling Association,, CycleAware, and Yakkay will be also be raffled off to event participants.

As you can see, it will be a star-studded event. The crew from put together a quick and dirty “crash course” in bicycle commuting (aimed at first-time and novice commuters) for this event…nice to rub shoulders with Internet bicycling “big guns”! Check it out, and if you register with your email address, you’ll be eligible for some great prizes. Now On Facebook

If you’re a fan or user of the social-networking “time vacuum” Facebook, you’ll be pleased to note that you can now join the official group there.

Just search under groups for “” and we’ll pop up. Come join our small but growing bunch over there!

And, if you have any ideas for content or features you’d like to see on Facebook (topics to discuss, other features), please feel free to comment on the Wall. Hope to see some of you there!

Russ Roca: TV Celebrity

Talk about getting scooped — our “blinkie-lighted siblings” (to borrow a phrase from Bike Snob NYC) over at Commute By Bike posted a YouTube video of our own Russ Roca. Russ was featured on the Planet Green TV show “G Word”, and the show did a pretty good job of showcasing the day to day activities of Russ as he pedals around southern California for his photography business. I had caught the show when it broadcast (my wife and I are big fans of the show), but until CbB posted it, I was unaware that there was a Web-based version available.

Check it out:

A special tip of the ol’ “foam chapeau” to Fritz for turning us onto the YouTubed segment from the show.

Xtracycle Gallery

For the bicycle enthusiast and collector, there are a number of owner-submitted bicycle galleries on the Web — bikes from all walks of life. There’s Fixed Gear Gallery, Cyclofiend, Velospace, Campy Only’s “Retro Gallery” (and other categories), BMX Museum, Old Ten Speed Gallery, even our very own Rate My Bicycle. See, there’s something for just about everyone out there…

And now, from the fertile mind of John Garrish, author of “Grrsh on Bikes, Mostly“, comes my new favorite — Xtracycle Gallery.


In just a few short weeks, John has rounded up over 130 unique and wonderful Xtracycles (mine is #116) to share via photos and brief descriptions. If you’re an Xtracycle fan, you should check it out; it can be a great resource to get ideas for mods. Bravo, John, for putting together this fun collection for the Xtracycle community!