Deals for January 2018

Hello everyone, although operates on a shoe string, we still have to pay hosting fees so we have become an affiliate and as a Prime member we will be sharing deals in a monthly basis. Please share if you find something cheaper or if something is not quite a good deal by leaving us a comment and don’t forget to white list us if you have an ad blocker.

Here is some of the stuff currently on my “wish list” and stuff that I bought:

I have 4 bikes and my Garmin 520 only came with 3 mounts so here is a deal for a Garmin Bike mount:

I have an affinity for bicycle bells and the Knog Oi has an interesting shape and sound, I may pull the trigger and buy one of these soon:

I recently bought these Kenda Kwest tires for my folding bike. These are really hard to find at bike shops but here they are if you need them:

I bought these leg warmers for the wife and she absolutely loves them:

If your bike does not have quick releases, this Lezyne wrench is small enough to carry on your seat bag:

So support by just clicking or buying one of these items, we really appreciate it!


  1. Tom

    I’m not sure why, but the links aren’t showing up…

  2. holly

    I got the Oi as part of Knog’s kickstarter for it. I love that bell. The sound is so beautiful.

  3. The Bike Geek (Post author)

    @Tom If the ads are not showing up it is most likely because you have and ad blocker. You can disable the ad blocker for this site only if you wish

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