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Smartphone allows auto shifting?

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Manual or auto?

–a question that people often consider when buying a car. In these times of high gas prices, a lot of people do consider giving up the comfort of an automatic transmission for the sake of an extra couple miles per gallon. But what about bicycling?

I prefer to ride a single speed because they have cheaper parts to replace and are easier to maintain than a multi-geared bike but sometimes I do ride my road bike. I’m not sure if I feel like there’s a need for me to shift automatically or electronically but nonetheless it is an interesting concept.

I recently read an article on about a smartphone that enables automatic shifting via bluetooth with Shimano Di2 shifters. It was encouraging since it seems like bicycle technology is progressing and although I don’t think a lot of the technology introduced is needed, I do appreciate it because the contributions of anyone does lend to making bicycles ultimately better.

Here’s an example of what the engineers are trying to do:

“The prototype has been tested on a simulated “rolling road” with few complaints from riders, who can customize the shift points depending on what’s most comfortable. Already, engineers are working to improve the setup, with plans in the works to use the accelerometer in a smartphone to change gears in the event of emergency braking. A similar system could also prevent locking up the front wheel.”

In Bluetooth “manual mode” (I’m not sure if touching a button is any easier than “tapping” a basic shifter on a typical bike) but the system does allow collection of data to make trial runs better. The engineers also want to use GPS to inform the system of upcoming hills which enables the system to shift before you need to.

To the average commuter, a system like this would be outrageously excessive but imagine being more efficient with your commuting time. I used to take pride in riding 5 miles in less than 20 minutes but I would be sweaty from pushing myself. Not considering cost, a system like this, I think, would be welcomed on my commutes that are more than a couple of miles since I could probably commute in less time without having to push myself so hard.

To read more about it, go to

Nirve Ultraliner Review

I’ve had the Nirve Ultraliner for the past few months. And have used it to commute to work and around town for fun.

The Ultraliner comes in 15? for the ladies, 17? and 21? for the guys.

MSRP: $499.99

Advertised as:

Shifts automatically just like your car to always keep you in the right gear
No more guessing which way to turn the shifter and ending up in the wrong gear
Climbs hills easier. Keep up with your friends with less effort
Lightweight & easy rolling alloy 700C wheels with stainless spokes
SHIMANO 3 speed automatic transmission always chooses the right gear for your riding conditions
Upright Nirve Sports Cruiser handlebars for comfortable cruising
Nirve comfort saddle with springs
Tough impact resistant Polycarbonate fenders
Alloy kick stand

Eye Candy: Whether on my commutes or just for fun, the Ultraliner was always catching some eyes. This bike definitely has more bling than most bikes. The burnished aluminum is a great touch for this bike.

The Ride: The upright position was very comfortable. Even after riding several miles, I did not experience any neck or back pain from slouching over like I would get from other bikes that I’ve had. It’s wide saddle made the ride smooth. Breaking was no problem at all. It’s V brakes worked beautifully.

The Shimano 3 Speed Automatic transmission worked flawlessly. Whether I rode up and down hills, or on rough terrain it shifted at the precise moment I needed it to. It’s shift timing could be easily adjust to shift sooner or later by a dial on the CPU located towards the rear of the bike.

Likes: The ride was smooth, thanks to the 700C wheels. It comes with a full chain guard to keep your legs from getting greasy, and fenders to keep dirt or mud off your back. Extremely low maintenance. The only thing I’ve had to do to this bike is pump the tires. Plus, I love the fact that you don’t have to worry about shifting! I have to mention that this bike totally kicks the Trek Lime’s butt by far. It’s cheaper, and its a bit faster because of the 700c wheels.

Another great thing about the Ultraliner is the Shimano Dynamo Hub not only powers up the CPU for shifting, but it also has enough juice to power up a dynamo light that we added from Planet Bike.

Dislikes: The bike is a bit on the slower side. But then again it’s called a Cruiser for a reason.

Recommendations: This is such a fun bike to commute or ride recreationally. If you like taking leisure rides without having to worry about shifting into the right gear because you’re not sure which is the right gear, then you’ll love the Nirve Ultraliner with its Autoshift technology. This is definitely one of the most pleasurable bikes I’ve had a chance to test out.