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How Can You Make Your Commute More Fun?

As of 3:05pm PST, 51 of you have said your reason for commuting is because its “FUN!”

Yes, bike riding for me anywhere, whether its to the grocery store, taking the kids to school, commuting or on the trail…is fun! I’ve also added some things to make it more fun. Such as a twisty, winding road to the commute. Bike paths are always fun. Bells, streamers and even wearing non matching socks…ooh I’m a rebel! But there are two things that make riding my bike more fun than anything, its adding my Downlow Glow neon light and having music playing on my handle bar courtesy of my iRide.

What about you, how do you make it FUN?

NOREX 39 Leather Saddle

A friend gave me this old saddle that came off a late 70’s Peugot.

It has the same styling as Brooks Saddles.
norex saddle 39

I think with a bit of leather conditioner, I maybe able to somehow make this dried out, shrivilled up saddle into something nice…I’m just hoping the rails are not bent.

I didn’t find much info on this brand other than this place.