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A gas station that welcomes bicycles…

This Propel Gas Station in Fullerton caught a ton of attention from local media for the mere fact that they had a small “bicycle station” on their property. I decided to ride down there and investigate to see what all the fuss is about.

At first I didn’t really see it because it’s not readily visibly. In fact, the view was blocked because the station’s repair shop had cars parked next to it.

Here’s the sign on the station — very friendly and welcoming.

I thought the work stand was pretty clever.

The stand has a great assortment of tools.

There it is… not a bad way for a gas station to look more eco-friendly to the local community. But I can’t help feel kinda odd about seeing this. I mean, think about it: it’s like McDonald’s serving up “healthy” choices on their menu…it just doesn’t go together.