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Asheville on Bikes – This Thursday: Bike Rights Night

Calling all cycle ladies and gents who are in the Asheville-Buncombe area: Meet up this Thursday night for a little lawyerly advocacy at Clingman Cafe as part of Asheville on Bike’s Bicycle Rights Night event. The owner of the cafe, Trip, is a cool dude and will get you surely caffeinated on your way out! Plus it’s in the River Arts District, a fun ‘hood where you can take your dog to go play “swim after this stick upstream while I stand knee-deep in the French Broad River because I wore a shorts and didn’t plan to get in the water.” If you want to know where you stand legally in the state of NC as a cyclist, come to this meeting!


Asheville On Bikes


Weirdest things you see on your commute, a Bikey Roundup

Hey everyone. Mir.I.Am here, wrapping up a solid summer season in Buenos Aires… The leaves have begun to change color just as platform birkenstock sandals are changing into platform oxfords.

I may have missed this trend elsewhere in the world, but this was the summer shoe of choice in Buenos Aires… pedal power?

As boyfriend and I count down the days until our departure, I thought I’d share one last WTF travel-themed post about our time here and the weirdo things I see during my bike commute.

But first! Why don’t we take a look at some of the bikey highlights of this last couple months of free bike love in Buenos Aires, Colonia del Sacramento, and Mexico City, huh? The Mejor en Bici program turned out to be a little better than I thought… I ended up using it about 1-2X per month for errands and coffee dates. Check out the pics:

photo 4

Mejor en Bici free bikes – better than nothing, but only used them once every 2 weeks.

photo 3

Bikes in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – locked up to windows.

photo 5

Tourists sight-seeing on bamboo bikes in Buenos Aires.

photo 2

Knife sharpening skills – A bike turned into a grinding stone!

photo 1

Heavy-duty delivery trikes, complete with safety flag in Mexico City.


The best Colombian cortado in Buenos Aires, and the only reason I’ll incur a penalty for taking a free yellow bike out longer than the allotted 1-hour at Full City Coffee House.


Mejor in Bici, hanging out in the garden courtyard in Full City Coffee, with a flat-tired purple friend.

Ahh yes, the seasons are all reversed on the other side of the equator… as the bike commuters of Buenos Aires gear up for fall with long sleeves and scarves, Boyfriend and I will soon return back to the states for swimsuits and sandals.

So, let’s wrap up this bikey roundup with the real  reason I’m writing today: weird things I’ve seen on my commutes. Let’s sum it up with a list, shall we? (Note to readers, Mir is a terrible smartphone user, and cannot take photos while actually bike commuting, so all images of weird things seen while bike commuting have been hastily “curated” from the Google machine).

Weirdest Sightings while Bike Commuting in BA:


This custom paint-job is one of a kind. What are they chances I’d see it in real life!?

  1. A woman riding the bike-crush of my dreams (the Rainbow folder I was drooling over on Mercado Libre a few months back) riding in Retiro.
  2. A 20-foot length of green painted bike lane + a can of spray paint + a dirty mind = Bike Lane Male Genitalia in Palermo Hollywood.
  3. A guy drinking a mate while riding a bike slightly uphill and weaving back and forth in the bike lane in Recoleta.

    Yerba Mate: sometimes you just can’t get enough, even if you’re biking.

  4. Monsato demonstration with people dressed in Haz-mat suits and Corn near Plaza de Mayo.
  5. A dude riding a sweet pink cruiser who was totally covered in tattoos (including his face and bald head) in Barrio Norte.
  6. Batman touching the hand of God Joker in Palermo.
photo 2

Insert “Arrested Development” quote here.

I know we’ve all seen our fare share of parked cars, dumpsters, and piles of fruit crates in the bike lane, but sometimes you just can’t beat Batman touching the hand of the Joker while you’re biking on your way to work. If only I had the smart phone skills to snap a photo of the obscene bike-lane-turned-male-genitals… Enjoy the weirdness, Bike Commuters!

The “Perfect” Commute – Sunday Bliss

Man vs. Machine

Empty streets in Honolulu - The "Perfect" Commute! Image from Oliver Beattie's flickr.

Do you ever have one of those late evening/early night rides home where you take some superfluous detours just to stre-e-e-e-e-etch your ride a little bit longer!?  The other evening I had The “Perfect” Commute home after a relaxing work party chock full of boozin’ co-workers and tasty catered goodies.  It was a just-turned dark out blissful Sunday, at no such thing as traffic o-clock.  The weather was balmy enough for shorts, flowy top, and rubber slippahs for the beginning of the commute.  Near the end of the ride, when the sweat starts to kick in, just a smidge of tradewinds and light showers showed up to cool me down, but not enough to puddle the pavement!

bike shorts night

A bike shorts n slippahs kinda night

After the rain drops, I knew it was time to take the slow ride home and jumped on the “bikes and bus only” route through Hotel Street – checking out the sleeping downtown skyscrapers and local regulars chatting in front of the karaoke bars.  I like to aim my front blinky light at store windows and reflective signs and turn everything into a passing mini disco pahtay when no one is buzzing past me in a rush!

the crank

Bikes and Bus Only - Hotel Street thoroughfare at night by !!wat dat!! on flickr.

I love to make random stops on the way home in different neighborhoods just to check out some new things around Honolulu.  Zigzagging my way through the one-way streets in Chinatown, I passed by Mark’s Garage to check out the Bike Prom… There were bow-tied young’uns posed as bike valets out front, a bike wheel balloon arch at the doorway, and custom bike frames suspended in the gallery – it looked like a bike crack party for sure!  More Sunday Bike Bliss on this commute home… it must be my lucky day.  I stopped in, valeted my borrowed steed (the roommate’s Giant hybrid, a.k.a. the Banshee) to check out some peeps dressed in silly bike-themed prom outfits.

P1016248 bikeprom

KVIBE and the bike valets at Bike Prom - photo by Malia Harunaga

Fall is here, Bike Commuters, enjoy your blissful evening rides home from work and school… leave a little bit later to miss the traffic jam and cruise through the streets with just you, your bike, some cross-dressing ladies of the night, and some blinky-ass lights!

Interbike 2012: Banjo Brothers

One of my favorite people to visit at Interbike would be our friends Eric and Mike also known as the Banjo Brothers. I’ve known these guys for at least 6 years and did you know that Banjo Brothers is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! A big congrats goes out to these guys who make high quality products at affordable prices.

Mike and Eric, The Banjo Brothers.

For 2013 the Brothers are offering new frame bags.

Another product they are offering is a cell phone bag/keeper. The clear plastic cover allows you full control of your screen while protecting it from the elements. This bag is perfect for storing your stuff all together so you can fit it in the back of your jersey pocket.
You can keep your ID, CC and cash in there.
This right here has to be my favorite, same concept as above, but you can mount it on your bike!
Velcro to keep things secure on the bike.

Another new product is this guy. It’s the same as their backpack but made with a different material. From what I recall, Eric said it was waxed canvas. So that should make some of you retro-grouches happy.


Here’s a great example of Banjo Brother products mounted on a commuter/touring bike.

Look hunny, the drapes match the carpet!

I love me some Banjo Brothers. My own commuter back pack is 6 years old and it’s still going strong! I use for bike commuting and even for luggage when I travel.