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Another Kick in the Pants for Tampa Bicycle Infrastructure

Good friend (and champion of cyclists throughout the region) Alan Snel reported today that another “promised” bike lane to serve the residents of the Hyde Park/downtown core area was killed off.

Alan writes:

“In February, Mayor Pam Iorio joined the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club on its maiden bike ride and during a break along the ride promised (we have it on video) to put in a bike lane along Platt Street to lead cyclists from South Tampa into downtown. Platt Street is wide and a one-way main road that leads into downtown.

But check out the response I got today from a city public works official about that bike lane that was promised by the mayor for Platt Street:”

To read the rest of his article and to see the response from the City of Tampa, click here for the lowdown.

Whenever this city shows initiative about developing alternative transportation forms, and local cyclists get their hopes up, someone in the administration comes and throws a bucket of cold water onto their dreams. Ugh.