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Santa Rampage

Best part of my ride today? The Santa LED-blinky Hat on my helmet (a lingering token of the Milwaukee Santa Rampage bike ride)!

Santa Helmet

This past Saturday I took to my bike and spread some good cheer – during the 11th Annual Milwaukee Santa Cycle Rampage! Chicago also hosted a rampage – the Dreidel and Santa Rampage.

With just a dusting of snow on the ground, the Santas (and candy canes and elves and Mrs. Clauses and rudolphs and dreidels) set out on bikes on a two-wheeled trek across Milwaukee. I rode with the Santas that departed from the western edge of the city through downtown Milwaukee for our first libation stop. Another group of fun-loving Santas began their journey from a downtown location and over to meet up at stop #1 – the Lakefront Brewery.

According to one report from the Chicago Rampage – Chicago had about 50 Santas and 5 dreidels on their bikes.
As we were leaving the first stop at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, the hosts confirmed that well over 300 Santas… and at least one dreidel had passed through its doors for the Milwaukee Santa Rampage ride! Now that’s a lot of good cheer and HO HO HOs.

Riding to the first stop amidst the morning sunshine and crisp whiteness was by far the best part of the day.

Holiday music blasted from the trailers pulled by several riders. Car horns tooted as we passed by. What a great feeling to be honked and waived at by supportive (and not angry) car drivers cheering on all the Santas on bikes!

Kids and adults alike gaped at us from the sidewalks and scrambled to get a photo.

Below are some of the highlights of my first ever Santa Rampage. Have a very happy holiday everyone. Keep spreading the good cheer from your two wheels too.

My Red and White Bike...and snow

Me as Santa! Ho ho ho!





This Grinch did not steal the cheer!

Bikes as ornaments


Dreidel amidst all the Santas

the Santa toast - "Cheers!"


Cycling through downtown Milwaukee to stop #2

Over the bridge

Rudolph leads the Santas?





Give up driving for Lent?

“I thought there’s probably a lot of things where I really don’t need my car. I could use my bike or just walk, so I think that is what I am going to attempt to endeavor,” Father O’Brien explained. “I can put up with the sacrifice of walking, or the challenge of walking to certain places or riding my bike.”

For Lent, could you give up driving?:

Chicago’s L.A.T.E. Ride – new route, new time

This weekend the annual L.A.T.E. Ride in Chicago will cycle through Chicago neighborhoods as a fundraiser for the organization Friends of the Parks. Last year, the ride celebrated its 21st year. It’s a great way to see the city all lit up – and maybe venture off your typical bike commuting route.

This year the L.A.T.E. Ride will have a new route – highlights include the South Loop, Chinatown, Greek Town, Chicago’s historic “Emerald Necklace” and much more!

Night-of registrations will be accepted.

New this year – we begin riding at 12 midnight!

Schedule of Events:
10:00pm – Midnight: Night-of-Event Packet Pick-Up and On-Site Registration, helmet sales and bike repairs by Village Cycle Center, plus live music by Four Man Band.

11:00pm: Head for the stage for our annual BEST LIT BIKE and BEST DECORATED HELMET contests. Prizes will be awarded. Be creative!

11:50pm: Look for your color group (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow) along Columbus Drive. Listen for instructions.

Midnight – 12:45pm: Step-Off! We’ll release riders south along Columbus Drive starting with VIP riders followed by five regular waves in about eight-minute intervals. Rider numbers are color-coded according and will be released in this order:
1)VIPs 2) Blue 3) Green 4) Red 5) Orange 6) Yellow

Also new – while you wait for the sun to rise over Lake Michigan enjoy an all-you-can-eat optional breakfast from Goose Island – Cost is only $7.00 per person, $2.00 of which benefits Friends of the Parks.

See you Long After Twilight Ends…

My ears were so cold, they were hurting…

This morning’s ride hurt…it was about 40 degrees and my ears were aching from the cold brisk air….I don’t like putting on beanies under my helmet because I get schwetty and its too bulky. I was thinking of asking Randy to sew me up some custom made beanie that is thin enough to fit under my helmet, yet thick enough to keep my ears warm.

What do you use for your ears?