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Friday Musings: Results are in! Thanks for helping to name my bike

A couple of weeks ago I asked for your help in naming my “new-to-me” blue mtb commuter bike.

The results are in!

An overwhelming number of you suggested unique names for my bike. Here’s the full list of suggestions:

Blue The Whole Wad
“B” For the color and the bug that goes fast and stings people.
Frank the Tank
Blue 82!
Fart Knockers
“Joni”, after Joni Mitchell’s great album “Blue”
Blue by u
Babe (The Blue Ox)
Perry short for Periwinkle
Betty Blue!
Blue Tick
Blue Thunder
Indigo Fox
Bandita, to remind you of El Toro and to lock her up!
bestia azul
Blue Baron

The results clearly show Blue Belle was our readers’ favorite name; it’s also a name suggested by a fellow commuting friend of mine. Smurfette came in 2nd. The suggested name Grover made me laugh! And then I wondered – should the name Cookie Monster also be a contender?

Cookie Monster Bike?

I’ve personally referred to this bike already as the Blue Beast (and its Spanish equivalent “La Bestia” – a reference back to the Spanish naming much like “Toro”). La Bestia seems to fit best on those days that I wrestle with her heft and rolling resistance on the road but also feel like this bike can roll over anything. I have tried calling the bike Belle on good days, but something about Belle just doesn’t quite fit…. I’ve ridden another bike for which the name Belle would be more fitting.

The final suggestion that a friend recently emailed to me is the name Gazelle… I think this one could be a winner. As my friend noted, the name Gazelle is both “a feminine name and it connotes movement”; I agree.

To further complicate the matter, one more name caught my attention this past week. My workplace just hosted a Bike Blessing to celebrate the feast of La Madonna del Ghisallo (patron saint of bicyclists). To me, Ghisallo is similar to Gazelle… so I guess you can see how I’m leaning.

As I continue to ride her (him?/it?/the blue bike), I’ll better figure out this bike’s personality and more firmly decide on a lasting name.

Thank you to all who responded… your votes have definitely been heard, counted, and considered.

Friday Musings: Help name my bike

As most of our readers may recall, my faithful commuter bike – Toro – was stolen earlier this summer. 🙁 Fortunately the friendly bike community came to my rescue!

From borrowing a friend’s bike:

Riding Dottie's bike Coco

To riding a bike from Heritage Bicycles for a day (review to come):

Riding Daisy from Heritage Bicycles

But most importantly, I adopted a “new to me” bike:

"New to me bike", a.k.a. the blue bike

I’ve been riding around town on this Trek 820 mountain bike now pretty consistently for the past month and am getting used to the different riding style of a mountain bike. There are a few tweaks that I may make, especially for the long-term, but she’s been great so far.

SO, now, fellow Bike Commuters, today’s Friday Musing: What do I name her?

For the past month, I’ve referred to her as the blue bike or just simply as “Blue”. But a few friends and colleagues have recently started the name game and have made a few suggestions. This is where you come in – please vote on one of the suggestions OR add a suggestion of your own:

First Impression: Kona Project 2 Messenger Bag

First Impression.

I like it.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I’ve found the bag to be quite useful.

Regarding it’s look, it’s stylish–the main zipper streamlines a clean-looking design. The Kona logo is visible along with the 2 buckle-harnesses that keep the contents of the bag secure.

Upon opening, three separate compartments are visible. One being a “divider” where it has a velcro flap to secure the contents from the rest of the bag. The inside of the first compartment has more pockets and zippers similar to an inside of a backpack to put in smaller items.


When closing, one can see that there are magnetic flaps that secure to make sure that the sides stay closed.

On the sides are the magnetic flaps

The adjustable strap has a cell phone holder, and an accompanying buckle that couples with another strap to make sure the bag secures to the wearer.

Cell phone holder, adjustable strap and additional strap for stability.

Here are the specs from the manufacturer. It should be noted that Kona tapped the talents of Brenthaven in order to create this bag.

  • Name: Kona Project 2 Messenger Bag- Blue
  • Model #: 6102
  • Weight: 3.2 lb.
  • External Dimensions: 21.5″ W x 16″ H x 8″ D
  • Fits laptops up to 16″
  • Built in safety light with replaceable battery compartment
  • Bomber, water-shedding 1000D Cordura fabric
  • Waterproof internal compartment for laptop, electronics
  • Comfortable shoulder strap with quick release phone pocket
  • Large capacity, expands to 1300 cubic inches
  • 100% lifetime guarantee and then some
  • Patent pending magnetic Hydro FlapsTM keep your gear dry

I’ll upload some photos of me actually using it when the review is done!

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