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Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo: Bucket Bike

It seems that Cargo bikes are becoming more popular amongst Bike Commuters, so when the people from Bucket Bike showed up at the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo we were really excited to talk to them. We talked to Yonni Afman, one of the guys behind Bucket Bike. Here’s Yonni showcasing his personal Bucket Bike:

Yonni mentioned that there’s a container full of bikes coming from across the pond, so check out their site at for updates.

Guest Article: Derek Pearson-Big Bags!

One thing about the Northwest- it rains. I’ve been looking around for bags that would fit nicely inside the Xtracycle’s saddlebags and keep my stuff dry in heavy rain. I also wanted to be able to park the bike and have something detachable, so I could bring things inside that I’d rather not have taken while the bike is parked. Granted, plastic garbage bags will get this done just fine, but it just doesn’t look stylin, plus they are awkward to stuff in there. Plus, I don’t really want to carry trash bags into a movie, grocery store etc.

Main features I was looking for

Must fit nicely in the existing pockets
Must be totally waterproof
Must look good

I think I’ve found that combo in the Overboard Duffel. For tech specs click here

Fits perfectly within the constraints of the sideloaders but isn’t too big to take out and haul around. The bags here are empty, semi deflated and not near to fully packed size.

Lots of space in there. Includes two zipper mesh pockets inside.

Opened up

As a side bonus, I can now carry stuff around when I want to go with the naked look. Just bungee the bag to the top and off we go.
This will be especially handy at night when I want to show off my new down low glow configuration.

First impressions of these bags…. SWEET