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Haulin’ a Load

We’re big fans of cargobikes, trailers and other load-hauling bikes here at…the bigger and badder the load, the more respect we’ve got.

So, it was very nice to check my inbox today and find a photo sent by our friend Ann Rappaport (Rapps)…she snapped this photo of an enterprising youth in Huntington Woods, Michigan towing what appears to be a homemade wooden trailer with his lawncare gear aboard:


Ann told me it was well above 90 degrees that day, too. MUCH respect!!!

Bikes That Work, Part Two

I’ve got one more working cargo bike to share today. A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Chris Follmer’s Big Dumb Pug. Well, Chris wanted us to know that this custom Banjo Cycles cargo bike is not just a pretty face — it can HAUL, too!

Big Dumb Pug at work

The load is 300 + t-shirts boxed up. Chris thinks that there’s room for more on this load-hauling beast!

If you look closely, you may notice a “tow truck” assembly on the back of the frame, just behind the rear tire. Simply remove the front wheel of a bike, clamp the fork into the fork block back there, slip the front wheel into one of the Freeradical pockets and off you go! We tried a similar thing down here, and it really works:

tow truck

Ride on, Chris, and thanks for sharing your cargo-crushing machine!