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New Year, New Bike?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I’ve been wanting a new bike for the new year. I figured something new would get me more excited about riding bicycles. So I started looking around for a CycloCross Bike, or some may call it CX bike.

I’ve always loved 700c wheeled bicycles for commuting. To me they just ride smoother and faster than 26″ wheels. So that meant a CX bike would be a great addition to my stable. I’ve had my share of CX bikes in the past and I love them. This time around I want to focus in on a bike that is going to be budget minded. I really don’t want to, nor have the funds to get a fancy bike.

So a few choices came to mind. The first one is the Liberty CX available only through BikesDirect for about $399.99.

cyclocross bike













The next choice was to go single speed with the State Warhawk which retails for about $579.
state warhawk












Anyhow, if things go as planned with selling off my body parts and services, I may be able to get this new bike soon. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Interbike 2014: KHS Bicycles-Cyclocross bikes

Many of our readers as well as yours truly have used cyclocross bikes as commuters. Personally I like the speed you can achieve as well as the added durability of this type of bike. I often would commute to and from work only to end my day riding the local mountain biking trails. Check out two models for KHS Bicycles being released for 2015.

KHS Carbon Grit 4Forty CX, equipped with Tiagra gruppo and TRP disc brakes.
khs bicycles interbike

CX300 Aluminum frame, 105 gruppo, Shimano disc brakes.
khs bicycles cx300 interbike 2014
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