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Interbike 2013: Gravel bikes

You may have heard of a popular new segment in cycling circles…the class of bikes known as “gravel bikes” (also referred to as gravel-grinders, gravel racers, etc.). This class of bike seems to offer commuters the best of both worlds: the efficiency of a road bike, coupled with stouter construction and the ability to fit wider tires, racks, and fenders.

This really isn’t that new of a concept, though…the “monstercross” category has been around for a few years, but is only now coming to the forefront with the popularity of events such as the Almanzo 100 or the 3 Peaks USA.

We’re going to get a lot more details of new bike models in the coming days, but here are a few we spotted at the Outdoor Demo:

Redline Conquest Disc:

This is mostly a mid-priced disc cyclocross bike, but with fender mounts front and rear. It is priced around $1600.

Van Dessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:


My favorite part of this bike is the phosphated raw frame finish…clearcoated for protection. The frame/fork/headset retails for around $699, and complete bikes start around $1199.

This is Van Dessel’s monstercross offering, but designed with versatility in mind. Go singlespeed…add a derailleur…or even go wild with a NuVinci CVT. Here’s last year’s bold model with the NuVinci installed:


Tomorrow at the indoor show, we are going to track down the Raleigh Tamland, the Surly Straggler, the new Niner RLT9, and whatever else we can lay our eyes on. Please stay tuned!

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New Build Project: Soma Double Cross DC

Soma Fabrication recently sent us the Double Cross DC to do a Dual Purpose Project Bike.

• Tange Prestige heat-treated butted CrMo steel front triangle; butted CrMo rear end

• Clearance for 700x38c tires with fenders

• Rear spacing fits road or mtn. hubs.

• Optional matching IRD straight blade disc fork available. If you want to run cantilevers, you can choose to use the Slick Black lugged crown fork that goes with the standard Double Cross.

• Rear disc mounts are located on the seatstay, so if you intend to use a rack in conjunction with disc brakes, you will need racks designed to work with disc brakes, which are available from Topeak, Axiom, Delta and us. Fits 160mm rotors only.

• 1-1/8″ size headtube – w/ extra height so you use less spacers.

• 7 sizes: 48cm to 60cm

• 4.2 lbs (54cm)

• Paint: Midnight Silveri

soma double cross

soma double cross

Plus a lugged steel fork…ooooh tange.

So what do I mean by “dual purpose?” Since this is a Cyclocross frame, I plan on building it to be used on my local mountain bike trails and of course, for commuting. Rather than going with traditional drop bars, the Double Cross DC will be set up with either a flat or riser bar. I’ll post updates of the build as I progress with the project.