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Fixed or Not Fixed? What do you ride?

For many of us Bike Commuters that are out there, we may be riding a fixed gear bike as our main commuter bike. Personally my commuter bike is the Redline 925 in which I have set it up as a fixed gear. I have the option to run it as a freewheel, but I simply like the fixed gear better.
Redline 925 Brown

Our very own Jack Sweeney is a Fixed Gear Bike Commuter himself, so that means if he’s doing it, it’s gotta be cool!

So let us know if you’re a fixed gear bike commuter, fill us in on where you ride and what kind of bike you commute with.

On a side note, when I was a young pup growing up in the Philippines, one of my uncles wanted to get into track racing. All he had was an old 10 speed that he converted over into a single speed. Since he couldn’t afford a “real” track bike, my other uncle welded the freewheel so it wouldn’t spin backwards. It worked! That was my first exposure to a fixed gear bike, at the age of 4!

Pop Quiz: Which is the Commuter Bike?

Based on some comments in our recent Torker Interurban bike review, I wanted to put something up…a “pop quiz”, of sorts, to address some points made.

This is a multiple-choice quiz. Let’s begin:

Which is the “commuter bike”? Is it

a) the fixed gear machine

b) the cargo bike

c) the fully-dressed urban bike

d) the high-end touring rig

or e) All of the above?

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you know that “E” is the correct answer. All of these bikes have their place in bicycle commuting, and in fact all but “D” are actual “commuter bikes” that I ride on a regular basis to and from work or to run errands around town. The point is, there is no “one” solution for bike commuters. We all have different needs and terrain, different ideas about what we like or don’t like, different distances or places to secure our rides once we get to our destinations. A bike that works for me may not work for you (and vice versa), and it is foolhardy to think otherwise.

If you’re newer to this site, I have a couple of tidbits for you, too: This is a good time to link back to a couple of our articles from the past, such as “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” and “What Bike Do I Buy?”

Bike commuters are still but a tiny minority here in the U.S. Divisive attitudes, elitism and snobbery serve to tear us apart, not bring us together. As far as we’re concerned here, if you’re on two wheels you’re ok with us.