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Is it really over?

There’s been a lot of talk about how fixed gear bikes are a big fad and its finally coming to an end.

Bike Snob NYC is always talking about it on his blog and even pokes fun of the bikes that he sees listed in Craigslist and To be honest with you, the fixed gear culture in Orange County, CA. isn’t the biggest movement out there so I wouldn’t really know if the trend/fad of fixed gears is actually going away.

So if you’re in the San Fran, LA, NYC, Seattle, Portland or any where that has or had a huge fixed gear population, can you enlighten me and share whether or not this is really the end of fixed gear bikes?

Fixed Gear Friday:Fake Fixies

While browsing through LA’s Online Bike Flea Market (CraigsList) I noticed an interesting trend: Faux Fixies. What is a fake fixie? They are late model bikes that have been converted to single speeds but try to look like fixed gear bikes:

I really dig the concept of giving old bicycles new life, but I have mixed feelings about the ‘faux fixie’ look, especially when these bikes are selling for over $250 bucks and some of them are being advertised as fixed gear bikes.

Fixed-Gear Tragedy

You may have seen this article elsewhere already…but an 18-year old Santa Cruz resident was recently struck and killed riding his brakeless fixed-gear bike. Read the article (and related links to other stories) here.

Look, we don’t want to get all preachy around here, but PLEASE: put a brake on your fixed-gear bike, especially if you’re just learning how to ride such a bike. Don’t succumb to the fixed-gear fashion police and ride brakeless because it’s “cool”…use your head, know your limits and be safe out there, even if your friends think you’re wack!!!