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Bike riding in Dublin, Ireland.

So the Mrs. and I are planning a trip to Dublin this November to what all the hoopla is all about with the Irish. While preparing for our trip, I checked out information on the weather. For starters it rains there quite a bit and their summers would be considered their rainy season. In addition, the hottest it ever gets there is about 74 degrees…sounds like my kind of place! Anyhow, being a resident of Southern California where it’s always warm and sunny, I’m afraid I would be in for a shock on how cold the weather will be when we’re there.

I do plan on taking a bicycle around Dublin to see the sights as well as to get a feel for the local community. But before I do that, I figured I’d get some cold weather gear I saw a jacket that might keep me dry and somewhat warm and have the options to allow me to cool down if I get to hot under it.

It’s called the Dare 2b Mens Scampered Windshell Jacket offered by High Octane Sport.

The Dare 2b Men’s Scampered Windshell Jacket (£24.95) can be converted from a jacket to a gilet, with zip off sleeves, for maximum adaptability to temperature rises


Ilus Windshell lightweight Polyester fabric
Wind resistant fabric
Water repellent fabric
2-in-1 design
Zip off sleeves convert jacket to gilet
Stretch bound cuff and hem
Mesh ventilated back panels for maximum breathability
Zipped rear pocket
Reflective detail for enhanced visibility
LED compatible
Weighs less than 300g
The Dare 2b Men’s Scampered Windshell Jacket offers the ideal solution to mixed weather conditions- perfect for the British weather!

So why would I bother ordering a jacket from a UK website like High Octane? Well the way I see it, if this Dare 2b Jacket is good enough for UK folks, then I’m sure it’s going to work well for me. I guess it’s the way I see things when it comes to products. For example, you wouldn’t buy a Mexican Food in Ohio because Mexican Food in Los Angeles…or better yet, in Mexico would be better right? It’s the same with this jacket, make sense? I figured I’ll order the jacket before we venture out to Dublin, that way I’ll be good and ready for the weather once we arrive.