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New Hybrid Bicycle Technology from Giant

Here’s a little tidbit that came from our new friends at Dispatch Marketing, the PR firm used by Giant Bicycles:

Giant Hybrid

From the press release:

Advanced Technology That’s Simple to Use
Fusing human energy with the power of an electric motor is the essence of Giant’s Hybrid bicycles. What makes their function so unique is that Giant’s Hybrid bicycles engage the rider through a host of hidden technological features that work in unison with the body’s power output. The more human pedal power put in, the more supplemental electric power in response from the bicycle, all while being as simple to use as turning on a switch and pedaling.

There are several key technical elements to Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology, yet the advanced EnergyPak lithium ion battery technology and intelligence in Giant’s proprietary PedalPlus power sensor and I² driver technology are two crucial technological highlights that enable the unique Hybrid ride and offer a drastically increased range of use. At the heart of Giant’s Hybrid bicycles, rider input is read in real time through a highly receptive PedalPlus power sensor in the bicycle drivetrain that senses rider pedaling input and then interacts with the I² driver that intelligently and instantly reads pedaling motion, creating a smooth power transmission message to the SyncDrive motor in the front wheel.

Giant’s EnergyPak lithium ion batteries are lighter, smaller and provide more power and convenience than traditional batteries found in powered bicycles, ultimately creating a lighter, better performing, more agile feeling and drastically more stylish bicycle. EnergyPak lithium ion batteries also offer far greater range, allowing Hybrid bicycles to travel approximately 70 miles versus less than 20 miles utilizing previous battery power sources. The included SmartCharger charges the EnergyPak batteries in approximately four hours – half the time of older generation batteries. Riders utilize the RideControl command center, a handlebar interface that offers three power settings that enable a rider to travel farther or faster at their own command.

Quality, Dependability and Availability
Hybrid bicycle quality is second to none as every bicycle is made by Giant, the top producer of quality bicycles, in a dedicated Hybrid-only manufacturing facility. Consumers can depend on unparalleled service and support as every Giant Bicycle dealer will be a local resource for Hybrid consumers. For 2009, Hybrid Cycling Technology bicycle models include the Twist Freedom DX and Twist Freedom DX W for women, each available for $2,000 at authorized Giant Bicycle retail locations.”

In addition, our contact at Dispatch indicates that “[This] bike is a HUGE deal for Giant and will be for years to come as the company has a stand-alone factory ONLY making these bicycles…consumers can rest assured that it’s gone through arguably the most strict quality control process in the world and it’s backed by a global support team.

sweet hybrid

Very intriguing, indeed…who knows? Maybe they’ll let us borrow one to try out! This really sounds like the best of both worlds — electric assist for the tougher parts of a commute, pedaling effort for exercise and efficiency.