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Interbike 2010: PDW and Their New Goodies for 2011

We had the chance to talk to Dan Powell of Portland Design Works (PDW) at Interbike last week. Dan was gracious enough to allow us to shoot a short video of the product highlights in the pipeline for the coming months…personally, I’m very excited by the front rack and clip-on fender Dan showed us. Take a look for yourself:

Interbike 2010: NuVinci hubs

We stopped by the NuVinci booth to check out their latest hub, the N360. Apparently the famous CVT hub had gone through a transformation in which they had shaved off about 4lbs from the original design. They also made the hub more efficient, thus less drag, a major complaint in the previous model. The new hub was spotted on quite a few different bikes around the show floor, with the most notable being the Breezer Uptown Infinity we mentioned a few days ago.



Interbike 2010: Planet Bike’s New Products!

We were lucky enough to spend a bit of time with our friend Chris Follmer from Planet Bike. He was gracious enough to give us a rundown on some new products for 2010/2011. Check them out in the video below:

From the Show Floor at Interbike 2010

We made it to Las Vegas fairly early this morning…and the Sands Convention Center was HOPPING! There were already thousands of media folks, industry reps, bike celebrities and other vendors manning the booths and wandering the aisles at this year’s Interbike.


As this is my first time attending the Interbike tradeshow, I was quite overwhelmed. Luckily, I had the seasoned expertise of Moe, Joe, RL and Priscilla with me…and they were able to help guide me throughout the first day on the show floor. We were able to catch up with a number of our advertisers and friends, saw some new products and met a bunch of new people. Throughout the next few days, we’ll have a LOT of stuff to show you, including videos of a couple bikes and other products that will be very interesting to many of you. Stay tuned as we get things edited and published!


“Urban Commuting” and E-Bikes at the Big Shows…

Well, Eurobike — Europe’s largest bicycle trade show — kicked off yesterday, and as many of you know the U.S. equivalent Interbike is coming up in a few short weeks.

A few of us are signed up and ready to go for our annual coverage of Interbike for and our sister site…this will be the first year that I get to join RL and Moe and the other folks from Now that we’re signed up to attend, we’ve been getting bombarded by dozens of previews, press releases and invitations to vendor meetings at their respective show booths. It’s a great “sneak peek” at what we can expect at the show.

Overwhelmingly, the press releases for both Eurobike and Interbike focus on so-called “urban commuting” bikes (less racy, more practical) and electric/electric-hybrid bikes. Supposedly, this is the big year when E-bikes reach a sizeable market penetration into the U.S. They’re already wildly popular in many Asian countries and there is a decent market in Europe, but currently they still hold a tiny percentage of the U.S. interest. That’s fixin’ to change, if the PR is accurate…

What do YOU think? Are E-bikes going to take off here in the U.S.? Are there still too many skeptics here? Rest assured, we’ll be taking a look at the offerings at Interbike and sharing our thoughts with you…and will hopefully get to report on some promising technologies. Stay tuned!