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The Bike Geek


Before there was and there was a little blog called the owner (me) was a dumb ass who forgot to renew the domain only to be snatched by squatters. Screw them, I ain’t paying their ransom fees.

So I asked RL to see if I could “write” posts about that may or may not be totally about bike commuting and he totally agreed. Not interested in reading posts about geeky cycling stuff? Move on, there is nothing to see. Think you can do better? We totally welcome guest articles and if you want a full time gig that does not pay shit please email

So what kind of geeky cycling stuff are we talking about? Well, here is what I’m working on:


Fitness Trackers! Yes, these are VERY popular this time of year and since I also gained a little *ahem*20 lbs*ahem* weight I decided to try them out on my quest to lose that pesky baby fat.

The Players:
The Motorola 360 smart watch:

Garmin VivoFit:

Misfit Shine:

The Moov:

Notice that all of these are version 1.0. Why? I had them for a while and I also had to pay for them.

I’ll be focusing on how these fitness gadgets integrate with cycling and let’s see if they will help me lose the weight.

Stay tuned for the updates!