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More Xtracycle DIY mods and gadgets

One fun thing about having a bike with the Xtracycle Freeradical is customizing it. Since weight is not that important, adding accessories or DIY stuff that will make trips more fun/practical is fun to do. Check out my rear handlebars and DIY pedals:

The stoker stem is a KHS stoker stem that fits nicely on the seatpost, the handlebars were cut for a better fit for my rear riders (my girls) and the ‘pedals’ are actually a PVC pipe with handlebar grips that I got on sale from an LBS. My girls really dig the skull theme.

Some of you may have noticed some weird thing on my front wheel:

This is the M132 LED from Monkeyelectric, I will do a full post later on with videos and pictures from this super cool gadget.

What’s next? I want to modify the freeradical so it will accommodate my two girls comfortably, I’ve seen pictures of people adding backrests to the snapdeck, I’ll see what I can conjure up.