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Friday Musings – Portland in the Spring is Just. Too. Much!

Portland bike commuter. #bikecommuter #gobybike

image courtesy of Mike Bitton on flickr

Oh Bike Commuters… they say” April showers bring May flowers.” I say “several months of rainy Portland winters bring out the crazies the first sight of sun!”  If you’re not careful, you could end up sun-drunk the the first weekend the of Spring. This year, the trees were blooming, the unemployed were tanning shoulders in the park, and acro-yogis were showing off their moves down by the waterfront.


So Portland.

Can everyone agree that Portland in the Spring is just too much fun? Let’s hope your sunshiney spring commutes are just as lovely as this one was a few weeks ago.

Friday Musings Portland Pano

So,  my local barista friend and I (yes, I am friends with my favorite barista from my favorite coffee shop … SO PORTLAND!?) decide to joy ride from NW to SW in search of kale-oriented food stands, parsnips, and cherry blossoms. Oh, and maybe stop along the way for some bike selfies and shoulder-sunning. The city may have been putting on the best Spring show ever.

photo 1

Cycle ladies in Portland, legs powered by Sterling coffee.


Check out Couch Park by my apartment. Trees are blowing up!

On this particular day, I even decided to bike completely out of my way just to get a little hill-action in. And by hills, I mean climbing a bridge so I could scope out the cherry blossom trees down by the waterfront.


Name that bridge, Portland Bike Commuters… 🙂

Holy lacey-flowered wonderland. Was it worth scoping out the trees from above on that little hill climb. From the bridge, I could see piles of white fluffy trees and swarms of nutty Portlanders roller blading, walking, biking, and unicycling. We rolled down to the water to capture some of the shenanigans. Portlanders were definitely out of their minds over the cherry blossom explosions! Every pale-legged individual was donning a pair of shorts or a tank top and laying out like it was a day at the beach. Check this out:


Okay, so I may have accosted this tree to make flower showers.


And there are those pale-legged acro-yogis… you didn’t believe me, did you?


Oh, and then we accosted this family portrait session.

Last stop on this lovely day? How about those PARSNIPS! PSU Farmer’s market for piles of veggies is a must-do for  a sunny Saturday. I think I need to get me a Box ‘n’ Rack setup for more pumpkin soup. Parsnip Paleo spicy hummus will have to do until then. I’m not sure that anyone gets more excited about farmer’s markets and veggies and bikes than I do. It may be the ultimate combination: utility cycling, vegetables, and sunshine. My favorite Saturday agenda.

Balloon Animals ON A BIKE

image courtesy of Sharat Ganapati on flickr


PSU farmer’s market always delivers. Giant parsnips for the win!


And Verde Cocina – my favorite kale-oriented food stand complete with Buenos Dias breakfast and cubes of slabby bacon.

Enjoy the spring time bliss, Bike Commuters. For you year-round die hards, peel off those layers and rain slicks and get some sun in your daily ride. And for you fair-weather commuters, pump up those tires, grease your chain, and get ready to roll. Spring is here, and I hope your city is as fun to ride as mine!