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Hoss Stallion Shorts: First Impression

As the resident newbie on, I was extremely excited when I was asked to do a review of the Hoss Stallion bike shorts. While I was merely thrilled to be sent a free pair of shorts, I get more and more excited each time I put these shorts on. They are actually designed as mountain bike shorts, but make for a great pair of commuting shorts too. The outer shell is a micro-suede polyester which is really soft and smooth, but dries extremely fast. There is a detachable chamois liner on the inside with a generous amount of padding, so you get the padding of your favorite lycra bike shorts, while getting a cool outer short that looks like a pair of board shorts.

I have only worn these shorts for 3 rides, but I really like them so far. I am a tall and thin guy (6’2″) and so I tend to be really picky about my shorts. I don’t like really baggy shorts, but I do like for them to be long enough to cover my knees when I stand up. I don’t like really wide leg holes either. So far I have felt like the Hoss Stallion was cut exactly how I would want a pair of regular shorts to be cut, which makes me even more excited that they are cycling shorts. They are long enough to cover my knees when standing and at the same time stay away from the super baggy-britches look. This means that there is not a lot of fabric shifting around and blowing in the wind while I am riding my bike.

In addition to really liking the style and fit, these shorts have a really good utility value for bike commuting. There are three easy-to-access pockets on the front of the shorts, all of which can be zipped to keep your keys, phone, etc. from falling out, and none of which are really baggy or deep – this keeps you from having to fish around in your pocket to find your things. There is a velcro pocket in the back of the shorts too. This all means you can easily carry the essential items within reach.

Lance did a great first impression review of these same shorts over on – so check out what he has to say if you want to know how these shorts perform in an off-road environment. Also, check back here to see a full review after I have had time to really check out these shorts.