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Your Rite of Passage

The latest issue of Bicycling magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday morning and I couldn’t resist thumbing through it right away.

While sipping my coffee, I mused at how much I could relate to many of the 109 items on the rites of passage list. The list begins with “01. Realizing that the hill isn’t in the way; it is the way.” In Chicago — I couldn’t so much relate to that one, but I could modify it to read “realizing the wind will always be in your way and at your face”. 🙂

I smiled when I read “22. Riding a bike through a big, congested city and feeling smarter than everyone else because you’re moving.” And cringed at “43. Doored!”

Let’s add to the list. “109. Reading a rites of passage list and finding that your own favorite one is missing.”

So, what’s your rite of passage in cycling and bike commuting? Or which of those already listed can you most relate to? How long can this list be???