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News Flash & Preview: LOCK8 – the World’s First Smart Bike Lock

Bike Commuters with a love for all things techie, edgy, smart, and sleek: LOCK8‘s kickstarter campaign is coming along with England’s one and only “Smart Bike Lock!” We took a looksie over at their kickstarter page  to check out how this crazy gadget all began, and it goes a little something like this:

“At University both our bikes got stolen multiples times. So over a coffee on a sunny day in England, we started talking about bike theft. Surprised that there wasn’t a technologically advanced bike lock on the market, we decided to build one ourselves. We installed our own little workshop, decided not to tell anyone and started drawing, machining, soldering and testing. One year later we are extremely excited about the launch and would like to thank everyone who has supported us! Particularly our families and friends!

Since September ’12 we have been refining LOCK8.”

Unlucky for those two University students, long, long ago, but lucky for SCIENCE! Bike Commuters will be receiving a sample to test out ASAP. This lock seems like it’s a product for a bike commuter that’s riding in areas teeming with thieves, bandits, or pirates. The price point seems TBD… but the concept sounds more bulletproof than anything else on the market.

And here’s the obligatory spec run for those readers who are not into clicking links:

  • Keyless: No more keys! Use your smartphone as an e-Key to easily lock and unlock your smart bike lock. We will also provide a keyfob in case your smartphone runs out of battery.
  • Integrated GPS: the integrated GPS/GSM chip makes LOCK8 fully internet connected and is the first truly smart lock. Your bike is able to transmit its location at all times. If you lend your bike or forgot where you put it, or if it gets stolen, you can track it in real time.
  • Alarmed: LOCK8 has multiple theft deterrents, such as a motion sensor, gyro-accelerometer, temperature sensor and hot-wired cable. Any tampering with the lock will trigger a painfully-loud alarm and trigger a push notification to your phone. Alerts can also be sent to friends or the community.
  • Share: You can easily share your e-Keys with friends and family, or share keys with particular groups on Facebook. LOCK8 eliminates the need to physically hand over keys, just send your e-Key with your bike’s location.
  • Rent: Clicking the ‘offer’ button allows you to rent out your bike to verified LOCK8 app users or Facebook friends. Earn money with your bike.
  • Induction Charged: Best of all, LOCK8 is constantly charged through induction while cycling. We will provide spoke reflectors with built-in magnets, so every time the bike moves, the battery charges.

Hopefully we will get our hands on a sample of one of these mo-friggy high-tech bike locks to test out in the name of bike commuting SCIENCE!

My dumbphone and I will not be participating in this little experiment… maybe we’ll test the Ghost Rider by sending him a sample LOCK8 and fake stealing his bike in the middle of the night. Muahahahahahaaa!

Check out the LOCK8 website for more details.

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