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SOL Republic Master Tracks Headphones Review

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why is reviewing headphones. Typically it’s frowned upon to wear earbuds and headphones while riding your bike, in fact in some cities it is illegal and not to mention, potentially dangerous since you can’t hear your surroundings. But we decided to review them for mere fact that we like music. This review touches the lifestyle aspect of bike commuting. Simply put, once we get off our bikes we’re listening to music in the office, school and at the coffee shop.

Sol Republic sent us the Master Tracks headphones. The MSRP is $199.99.

Unboxing reveals the Master Tracks. It comes with the headband, drivers, cord, and carrying case.
What’s interesting about the Master Tracks is that the drivers(speakers) slide onto the headband for a custom fit.
They fit over my ears perfectly and the drivers have a soft cushion to provide comfort. The cord has a three button remote that allows you to adjust the volume, skip music tracks and answer/hang-up calls.
Once the Master Tracks are on your ears and they are plugged into a device, then the magic happens. Immediately I was hit with a sound quality that I have never heard before! Deep bass, perfect mids and high treble are combined to produce a sound that is just like putting of set of studio grade speakers to your ears. The noise cancellation effect of the drivers help reduce any noise that may be present around you.

To my surprise the Master Tracks still had some amazing power and sound even if it was just getting its music source from this small iPod Shuffle. I was able to compare the Master Tracks against the Beats by Dre HD, Sony X headphones and the Skull Candy Avaiator headphones. None of these other brands came close to the sound quality that Sol Republic’s Master Tracks produced.
So if you’re looking into getting a pair of headphones so you can listen to music while relaxing or at work, then you may want to consider SOL Republic Master Tracks for the mere fact that the sound quality is way better than those of the other leading brands like Beats, Sony and Skull Candy. I’ve been genuinely impressed by its performance as well as the styling.

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