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Interbike 2013: Even more gravel bikes!

This is a followup to our earlier gravel bikes article. Once we made it onto the show floor at the Mandalay Bay convention center, it was time to capture pics of some other hot new gravel bike models (and an old favorite).

First up is the Raleigh Tamland, new for 2014 and in two models:

Tamland Two

(Editor’s note: a reader corrected us on the photo we had described as the Tamland One, when it was actually the Roper. I only got a poor background shot of the Tamland One, so simply imagine a different color scheme from the above bike — sky blue with yellow and white accents — and a slightly different component spec.)

The Tamlands sport a Reynolds 631 steel frame, slightly longer chainstays and a lower bottom bracket shell than typical cyclocross bikes. They’re lookers…but I can’t remember what differentiates one from the other. They’re so new they don’t yet appear on Raleigh’s website, and I neglected to take detailed notes. I believe it has something to do with the component spec, with the Tamland Two having Ultegra rather than 105 (but don’t quote me).

The updated Roper also has the gravel-grinding goods:

Here’s a detail shot of the rear dropouts…lovingly sculpted and ready for racks and fenders:

Next is the Co-Motion Pangea…billed as a monstercross/offroad global touring machine with 26″ wheels and a ton of clearance for fat rubber:

Here’s the Surly Straggler, described by the company as a disc-braked version of their very popular Cross-Check. It comes in a very lovely shade of metallic violet:

Finally, the granddaddy of them all, the Bianchi Volpe. Introduced in 1996 as a touring bike, the Volpe has slowly evolved into Bianchi’s “do everything” bike — a prime candidate for commuting, beginner ‘cross racing, gravel adventures, and more. The Volpe is still equipped with rim brakes rather than discs, but we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see discs in a future model. It does come with every mounting option a commuter would want…rack mounts front and rear, fender eyelets on both ends. The Volpe is one of my favorites in the Bianchi lineup:


What do you think — are gravel bikes the new “ultimate commuter platform”? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this burgeoning segment of the bicycle market.

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What is your “Dream Bike”??

Most of us commuters are your average, everyday “Joe or Jane”. Riding our bikes out of LOVE and necessity. Necessity to get to and from work and /or school. This usually means that we are working & learning to survive. You don’t usually hear about the independently wealthy commuting to work by bike. But what if…? If money were not a limiting factor, what would YOU ride?

The choices are limited only by your imagination. What material would you go with? Wheel size? Gearing? Flat Bar? Drop Bar? Geometry? Electric assist? Internal drive train? Chain or belt drive? Rim brake or disc?

OK…Now that your wheels are spinning…. wipe that drool from the corner of your mouths…

The most important question is left to answer:


Let’s hear about it in the comments area below…

The Ultimate Commuter Bike?

Kevin Saunders of KGS Bikes in San Antonio, Texas sent us a link to his Flickr photo gallery of what he describes as “the ultimate commuter bike”. Built around a Co-Motion “Americano” frameset and featuring exclusive Campagnolo Comp Triple components, Rolf tandem wheels and a beautiful Brooks Swallow saddle, this bike isn’t for the faint of heart (or light of wallet).

Check out this beauty:




And for even more photos of this bike and the other dream machines that KGS Bikes puts together, visit their Flickr photostream.

If you’re ready for a commuter bike like this one, be sure you’ve got a VERY secure place to park it wherever you go. And remember, even a dream machine like this is cheaper and more reliable than a car!

The Ultimate Commuter Bike

Road Bike Action Magazine built their “Ultimate Commuter Bike”. Here are the main specs on their bike:
Sycip Java Boy Frame, SRAM force Grouppo, Conti Tires and FSA wheels. I’m guesstimating a couple of G’s for that bike. So I started thinking, what would be my ultimate commuter bike? Let’s see, my bike has to be comfortable, reliable, fast, nimble, a little stylish and not too expensive.

So here it is:

My KHS F20-R

What is your “Ultimate Commuter Bike”???