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If only…

I love the question: if you could do anything for a living and money were not an option, what would you do?

When I finished college and was looking for a job, I took any interview I could get. There were a few interviews that quickly revealed to me that this was NOT the job for me. During one, I realized I did not want the job within the first 5 minutes – and then they asked me what I saw myself doing in 5 years.

I chuckled a little, smiled, and said: “hopefully owning a bike shop on the beach somewhere.” The lady didn’t quite know how to react. She seemed surprised by my frankness, and then tried to salvage her end of the interview by stating how that showed an entrepreneurial spirit within me, something her company valued. How nice.

While I would love to own a bike shop on the beach, I have developed an appreciation for the fine art of bike making.

If I could make a living doing anything, I would like to build bikes. More specifically, I would love to be able to build the quality of bikes that Sacha at Vanilla Bicycles crafts. I recently learned about this hand-made boutique bike shop out of Portland, and I am enamored by his art – and his work truly is art.

The detail and quality is astonishing, as evidenced by:

the lugs:

the dropouts:

and the classy branding (just to name a few):

So if you build bikes and want an apprentice, let me know. Most likely I will give some lame excuse about why I cannot give up everything to pursue my ultimate dream, but hey, it’s America.