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Fall Launched last night in Chicago with De Fietsfabriek and Po Campo Party!

My commute home last night amidst the cool 50 degree weather included the perfect detour for a warm up – a stop at the De Fietsfabriek and Po Campo fall launch party! The De Fietsfabriek storefront is located along my daily route, so my biking buddy and I just pulled over and walked in to join a great party on the way home.

Bikes outside the shop beckoned to us

And inside, the accessories and bikes on display welcomed us

We even met up with Dottie (and Mr. Dottie) from Let’s Go Ride A Bike.

All hosts (from left to right – Co-Founder Maria of Po Campo, Jon of De Fietsfabriek, and Alex of West Town Bikes) agree the night brought an impressive turnout and a great show of support

According to Jon of De Fietsfabriek, “By all accounts it was a great night, turnout was better than expected and everyone had a great time. Reactions to the new bags and bikes were extremely positive and a lot of great conversation and catching up amongst the Chicago biking community was going on. Sales were pretty good and we’re happy to be able to pass 10% of the proceeds to support WTB.”

Fall Launches in Chicago with De Fietsfabriek and Po Campo Party!

It’s that time of year — fall — and the weather reflects the season. I woke up today to 30+ mph wind gusts and temperatures in the 50s (after mid-70s yesterday)! But to help warm up the fall commuting season, two Chicago-based cycling companies are teaming up to launch their new fall lines this Wednesday, September 30! RSVP to attend this free event.

De Fietsfabriek Dutch bikes and Po Campo stylish bags bring functionality and style to commuter cycling. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the founders of each of these companies and even sampling their products. In fact, at Chicago’s Bike Commuter Challenge awards luncheon, I won a Po Campo rack bag in a raffle. Best of all – 10% of all accessory sales – including Po Campo’s new fall line – will be donated to the educational non-profit West Town Bikes. (Reviews on the bag and the bikes to come soon!)

po campo
pink oma

Now for the party details:

De Fietsfabriek and Po Campo have joined forces to celebrate their new wares, available just in time for the choicest of all Chicago biking seasons – fall! We’ll have our newest products on hand for you to check out and some light food and drinks.
We are pleased to welcome De Fietsfabriek’s newest shipment of bikes from Holland to their new home. All new styles in all new colors means that there’s probably one just perfect for you and your family.
Po Campo, Chicago’s own stylish yet highly functional bike bag company, is thrilled to roll out its fall line, which features their popular handlebar bag and rack bag in all new, limited-edition fall fabrics.
Plus, we’ll be donating 10% of all accessory sales – including Po Campo’s new fall line – to West Town Bikes. WTB’s overreaching goal is to promote bicycling in the city of Chicago, to educate youth with a focus on underserved populations, and to foster and serve Chicago’s growing bicycling community. We’re happy to help them with their worthy cause!

Hope to see you Wednesday at the party!

Join the Cycle pedals through Chicago

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the ladies who formed Join the Cycle as they passed through Chicago on their cross-country journey.

the ladies of Join the Cycle

Melissa, Casey and Hannah (plus a fourth adjunct member) created the Join the Cycle team and are riding bicycles across America the summer of 2009 to inspire others to make cycling a part of their lives. Back on June 11th the ladies set out from L.A. and rolled into Chicago on August 17. I met up with them during their meet and greet event at REI on August 18.

Why are you doing this?
Well, each of us has slightly different motivations of course, but we all love riding bicycles! And we each strongly believe that cycling has been a positive change in our lives, and want others to experience the same benefits we have. We think that cycling is the best way to get around, because of the health of our planet and our bodies, and we want other people to try it out and fall in love just like we did! Please see our mission for more.

How can I get involved?
There are so many ways you can get involved with Join the Cycle! The best thing you can do is challenge yourself and sign our pledge to try biking more for transport! Then help spread the word by following our blog, becoming friends with us on Myspace and Facebook, and telling your friends! Want more? You can always host us, feed us, ride with us for an afternoon, help us organize an event in your area, or best of all, ride our homestretch from NYC to Boston for a week in September! Contact us for more info.

I’d like to try riding a bike for transport, but I don’t know what to do!?
Check out our Pledge Tips when you sign the Pledge. It’s full of helpful hints for first-time commuters, and links to even more info!

Their journey has relied on the generosity of sponsors, friends and the couch surfing community as they make this self-supported trek from coast to coast – and hauling about 100-lbs worth of gear on their bikes.

full gear bike

Their final destination is Boston, where they plan to arrive in time for the city’s Critical Mass on Friday, September 25, and conclude the trip with a finale celebration on September 26.

Along the way, Casey admitted (and Hannah and Melissa agreed), “The problem with this trip is that we wish we could stay longer at every place we visit.” Chicago represents the two-thirds point of their route. These women are making their mark on each city, despite their short stays. They are visiting community bike shops, like Chicago’s West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bicycle Works, where they hope to educate youth and “hope to make it safer so many more will bike.”

If you want to get involved and support Join the Cycle’s cause, take the pledge:

I pledge to use my bicycle to bring me places, to use my car less and to have fun doing it!

Chicago welcomed Join the Cycle. I hope you have the opportunity to meet this team of women along the route, too.