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Biking the Boulevards premieres in Chicago

Tonight the local Chicago PBS station will premiere a new program – Biking the Boulevards.


As noted by the Active Transportation Alliance, narrator “Geoffrey Baer explores Chicago’s Boulevards on a bike and reveals some of the rich history behind Chicago’s cycling community.” If you’re in Chicago, consider joining your fellow cyclists to watch this program tonight – details available from Active Trans.

I’m excited that Chicago’s PBS station WTTW is bringing this bike-based tour of Chicago to the community, especially after reading about how PBS excluded a mention of the bicycle in its recently released documentary about transportation called Beyond Motor City.

WTTW invites you to “join Geoffrey Baer as he bikes across Chicago using a network of boulevards and takes a new look at old neighborhoods that emerged along these boulevards in the 19th century.” Watch Biking the Boulevards tonight at 7:30 and 9:30 pm (CST) on WTTW11! You may even share your story, explore the interactive map, buy a DVD, and watch clips on their website for this Biking the Boulevards program.

Winter Biking featured on PBS

wttw clip

Our local PBS station featured winter bike commuting last night on their show Chicago Tonight.

Wherever you’re riding this winter, happy winter biking! And as one bike commuter commented at the end of the segment to all those motorists, ” Give us a break, ok?” (I read “give us a brake”.)

What’s your biggest challenge or joy of biking during the winter?